Monday, April 23, 2007

Fire Sprinkler Head Temperature Color Codes

Fire Sprinkler heads are color coded for Fahrenheit temperature by the color of liquid in the bulb. An orange colored liquid in the bulb means it is rated at 135 degrees, red 155, green 200, and blue 286. If the temperature of the sprinkler head reaches the color coded temperature, the bulb will break and the fire sprinkler will activate. Other sprinklers in the area will not begin to dispense water unless each individual sprinkler head reaches the specified temperature for which it is rated.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

New Fire Extinguisher Cabinets from Larsen's

New fire extinguisher cabinets from Larsen's Manufacturing Company are now available from Swift Fire Protection.

Over 45 years of unsurpassed quality manufacturing for the building construction and fire protection equipment industries."

Larsen's Manufacturing Company is a leader in the building construction and fire protection equipment industry. They have participated in the Sweet's Catalog for over 30 years and recently received the Architectural Record Readers' Choice Award.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

CPVC Fire Sprinkler Piping


CPVC Fire Sprinkler Piping Products are chemically formulated for outstanding performance in fire sprinkler systems. The properties of the material (including temperature capabilities, low flame spread, etc.) and the pipe dimensions provide unique advantages in sprinkler applications.

Product Characteristics

CPVC sprinkler pipe is produced to SDR 13.5 dimensions in strict accordance with ASTM F442. The use of CPVC produced to these dimensions provides a tough, smooth, large internal diameter piping which results in low friction loss. Exceptional hydraulic characteristics can allow the use of smaller diameter systems that still meet the water delivery needs of sprinkler service. Although classified as a rigid system, the pipe’s inherent flexibility and light weight simplify installation.


CPVC Fire Sprinkler Piping Products are designed and Listed for a rated working pressure of 175 psi @ 150°F for wet pipe systems. They are listed by Underwriters Laboratories for use in Light Hazard occupancies (NFPA 13), and Residential occupancies (NFPA 13R & 13D). The listing also includes use in Return Air Plenums under NFPA 90A, use in Underground Service Mains (NFPA 24), and use in Exposed systems with certain restrictions.

Fire Sprinkler Escutcheons for Less $$

The Brecco Two-Piece Recessed Escutcheon in Chrome and White have been added to the Swift Fire Protection on-line catalog. The Brecco Model B Solid Two-Piece Recessed Compression with Standard Skirt Escutcheon, fits 1/2" or 3/4" NPT sprinkler heads, is UL Listed, and FM approved. There is approximately 3/4" of vertical adjustment to make fitting easier. This escutcheon replaces Globe EP10 & EP20. It is a high quality escutcheon that sells for less than the EP10 or EP20. Order ESRMBC50 for 1/2" chrome, ESRMBC75 for 3/4" chrome, ESRMBW50 for 1/2" white, ESRMBW75 for 3/4" White.

If you need more help, check the fire sprinkler help page.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Alarms

Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Alarms have been added to the Swifit Fire Protection on-line catalog. Two models of fire extinguisher cabinet alarms are now available.

1. The Brooks CFAR Cabinet Alarm for all fire extinguisher cabinets. Unit is available in red or white complete with battery and can be installed in seconds without any tools. Measures 2 3/4" x 2 1/4" x 1" and the output measures 105 decibals.

2. The STI 6200 Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Alarm for all fire extinguisher cabinets. If the protected fire extinguisher is moved from its normal position, the device emits a piercing alarm. Also, the highly visible stop sign design and the words "STOP, EMERGENCY USE ONLY" discourages wrongful use.

These alarms serve two uses, to prevent fire extinguisher theft and tampering, and also act as a fire alarm when someone removes the fire extinguisher to fight a fire. Both are easy to install and are powered by battery.

To get more information about these fire extinguisher cabinet alarms, visit the Swift Fire Protection Web Site.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Stove Top Fire Extinguishers for Apartments and Homes

Stove Top FireStop is a 12-ounce automatic fire extinguisher that attaches magnetically under the vent hood over a stovetop. When a stovetop fire occurs and the flame reaches the Stove Top FireStop, the fire suppressing powder is automatically released onto the fire. Stove Top FireStop has a five year shelf life, deploys in seconds and reacts automatically when flames reach its actuation device.

Up to now, a practical automatic safeguard has not been available. Home owners, managers or occupants could only hope that all residents practiced good fire-prevention measures. The Stove Top FireStop (sometimes call Range Queen) changes the whole picture. It's automatic. It's laboratory tested. It gives you a degree of automatic safety you've never had before.
Stove Top FireStop Fire Extinguishers are incredibly simple. Here's how it works:The Stove Top FireStop Fire Extinguisher is about the size of a small can of tuna (3 1/2 in. diameter, 2 in. deep).The cylinder attaches to the inside of a range hood by means of a built in magnet above burner surface between burners. The magnet attachment swivels to make it always hang even. No tools are needed for installation.The extinguisher contains 8 ounces of harmless fire extinguishing powder (93% sodium bicarbonate). It also contains a simple heat-sensitive triggering device. When the heat-sensing actuator is triggered (by direct flame or by heat exceeding 310 degrees F) it peels open the pre-scored surface on the "down" end of the cylinder. The fire-extinguishing powder flows through the openings of the cylinder and lands on the flame directly below. Sold in pairs, the overage is such that one extinguisher will guard two burners.

Automatic - No risking your safety by fumbling with a fire extinguisher as flames race higher. StoveTop FireStop works automatically 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Effective - Senses a fire and releases its smothering agent onto the flames without putting yourself or your family in harm's way by having to operate a fire extinguisher.

Inexpensive - Other systems that perform similarly to StoveTop FireStop cost hundreds of dollars to install and require regular maintenance.

Maintenance-free - Requires no maintenance. Simply replace every five years.

Safe - Uses harmless but effective bicarbonate of soda as a smothering agent.

Easily installed - Simply attach the magnet to the underside of your vent hood.

Alerts - Emits a 146dB sound upon releasing the smothering agent.

Get more info and see Stove Top Fire Stop video here.

These automatic stove top fire stop fire extinguishers are available at discount prices from Swift Fire Protection at . Call 706-283-8459.

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Monday, April 9, 2007

Fire Sprinkler Guard Help

This fire sprinkler head guard information is to assist in the selection of the correct sprinkler head guards and escutcheons when ordering from Swift Fire Protection Catalog.
Some of the part numbers for fire sprinkler head guards have changed in 2007, and we have also added additional fire sprinkler head guard and escutcheon products. Below you will find better quality photos that can be enlarged in order to see more details and understand the measurements for 1/2" vs. 3/4" sprinklers.

When measuring fire sprinkler heads, remember that 1/2" sprinkler heads have an inside diameter of 1/2" and an outside diameter of approximately 3/4".

If you measure across the outside of the threads of a sprinkler head, and the outside diameter is approximately 3/4", you have a 1/2" sprinkler head and should order guards and escutcheons for 1/2" sprinkler heads. If you measure across the threads of the sprinkler head and the measurement is approximately 1", you have 3/4" sprinkler heads and should order guards and escutcheons for 3/4" sprinkler heads. See photo diagram here.

SPC660 fire sprinkler head guard (pictured above) is an economy, snap-on sprinkler head guard appox 3" W x 3 1/4" H. Fits 1/2" and 3/4" sprinkler heads. Same as Brooks SPC1 and Brecco ACGH2R & ACGH1W. Order Red or White on line, call for special order chrome.

Brecco ACGH1CREC Standard Fire Sprinkler Head Guard For RECESSED Escutcheons, 1 piece snap-on, chrome plated, for 1/2" or 3/4" sprinkler heads. This guard can installed without tools and without removing the sprinkler head. Click here for photo

Fire Sprinkler Head Guards Now In White

White Fire Sprinkler Head Guards are now available in white, as well as red and chrome plated finishes. These are the economy sprinkler head guards that fit 1/2" or 3/4" fire sprinklers. They snap on and no tools are usually needed to install these sprinker head gurads. Replacement part for Brooks 660 and SP1. Order part number ACGH1W, on-line here.

Order online at Swift Fire Protection or call 706-283-8454.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Welcome To Swift Fire Protection

Swift Fire Protection, Inc. is a full-service, family owned fire protection company that has built a solid reputation based on our commitment to provide only the highest quality products and outstanding service. We provide an extensive line of fire protection equipment, fire department equipment, safety equipment, emergency response products, sprinkler products, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, exit and emergency lighting systems, and other equipment to match our customer's specific needs for all fire protection requirements - private, commercial, industrial, and government. Visit our web site at

Fire Protection Equipment On-line Catalog

Swift Fire Protection
Phone 706-283-8459

Swift Fire Protection - New Fire Sprinkler Products Added To Catalog

New Fire Sprinkler Products have been added to the on-line catalog at Swift Fire Protection web site. New products include several fire sprinkler gauges, fire sprinkler valves, fire sprinkler line testers, fire extinguisher cabinets and fire extinguisher cabinet repair parts.

Fire sprinkler valves include the Brooks Ashcroft SG1, SG2, and SG3. Ashcroft SPRINKLER GAUGES are designed for use on wet or dry sprinkler systems. The 3 1/2" gauges are UL listed and FM approved. The SG1 is used in a dry system on the sprinkler head side of the control valve to accurately monitor line air pressure, with the ability to accept water pressure up to 250 psi (upon system activation). The SG2 is used on the water supply side of the system to indicate available source pressure. The SG3 accomodates both air and water sides up to 300 psi.

New fire sprinkler valves include the three way TWGV25, the SGV50, and SGV100 fire sprinkler system valves.

Fire sprinkler inline test valves have been added include STDV1 and STDV125.

New fire extinguisher cabinets are now available. These METAL FIRE EXTINGUISHER CABINETS , manufactured by J.L. Industries, are made of 20-gauge, galvanized steel for rust resistance. Bright white finish with keyed alike cylinder lock. Comes with breakable acrylic front and labels. Breaker bars sold separately. Available in 3 sizes. NOTE: Cabinets are priced and sold in pairs only!

Repair parts and covers are available for these cabinets.

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