Sunday, April 27, 2008

Brooks Fire Extinguishers from Swift Fire Protection

are injection molded of tough, impact-resistant ABS plastic
and are dent, rust and corrosion-proof. Come complete with brass lock,
cover and labels. No glass to cut or break and no breaker bar to get
lost or stolen. Costs less than metal cabinets and nest for easier
shipping, resulting in significantly lower freight costs. Available in
4 sizes: choose Mark I Jr. Cabinets for extinguishers with a maximum
height of 16 3/4"; Mark I Cabinets, 17 3/4"; Mark II Jr. Cabinets, 20";
and Mark II Cabinets, 24".

Buy these quality fire extinguisher cabinets on-line at . Swift Fire Protection


Milliscent Morgan said...

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firepronevada said...

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